It began in 2002, when Sammy and aleXsir founded the project Streamrocker. It didn't take long and well known artists  like Royal Gigolos, H.A.N.Z., DJ Antoine and Christopher S. noticed their works.
The close contact to Christopher S., leading Swiss DJ, helped Streamrocker to make the breakthrough in Switzerland. Consequently they received many  invitations for the hottest clubs around the house scene, for example the OXA in Zurich, the LOFT in Lucerne and also the Wankdorf Club in Bern.
Unfortunately it became calm for the project over the years and the everyday life seemed to keep them both away from their dreams.
In December 2008 Sammy decided to launch a separate project and continue, where the successes of Streamrocker ended. This was the birth of Slin Project.
The first requests came through his already well-known artists such as Christopher S., Stefano Prada or even Mr. Da Nos. In cooperation with the artists' agency PH Artist Management he got in contact with Inusa Dawuda, Sebastian Courtier and Erick Decks. Through this cooperation the track Children of the Night was published on Molto Records.
This release and other requests from the house label Under Pressure Records helped Sammy aka Project Slin to awake the interest of other well known artists of the house scene. He could assure to realize further remix requests by Niels van Gogh, Horny United, Erick Decks, Jaybee and other artists.
Sammy is currently working very closely with the label Attractive Music and meanwhile he released there two different tracks. Also the follow ups are already in work.


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