The yellow doll named Flat Eric is forever on holiday?

No - not really !

He is back and trendy. Real Fans no time stopped thinking of him. They have been talking and writing in G-books and fan pages, since ten years. In the beginning nobody can handle the big hype of Eric. A lot of fake dolls, have been sold all over the world.

Flat Eric was going around the world with his hit FLAT BEAT. Now. 2009 - Eric is really back and he refocuses to the important things -smoking sausages and listening to cool DJ tracks.

2009 he is back with his ten years old hit – FLAT BEAT – mixed by DJ Cruse. Eric feels like 10 years before.“I LOVE THE NEW VERSION OF FLAT BEAT” He started to bow owns head like he moved when he listened FLAT BEAT.

He remembered the time with MR OIZO. He felt the same and he loves the new style.

Flat Eric is coming into your club

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