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Township Rebellion

- Artist Information -

The unique and trendsetting trio who make up Township Rebellion are releasing their first and long-awaited Album in 2014 - "Extravaganza"
- including tracks from their EP and 8 brand new titles.

In the 12 months since Township Rebellion
(Arthur Wagner, Marlon Mürle and Davide Jakbowski) emerged,
their unique style and mind-blowing productions have created a buzz in the techno-dub-house-scene from their hometown of Stuttgart, Germany right across the globe.
They havealso  remixed a number of great productions for other Artists, including Black Hole Recordings fantastic
"One Night In Babylon 2013" - Loverush UK feat. Bryan Adams.

Township Rebellion have appeared as headliner in various clubs, open-air gigs and as resident DJs in various clubs, ie.
"salt and pepper" and "CULTeum"
and the phones of their management have been lighting up like Christmas trees.

They now proudly present their first Album "Extravaganza"
which will undoubtedly prove their incredible talent. 
Discover. Enjoy.  And dance mother....

Album : Township Rebellion – Extravaganza

Production Information

Township Rebellion mix Deep House and Electro with as much skill  as Walter White does with pseudoephedrine and red phosphorus! 

Melancholy harmonies mixed with fantastic dancefloor beats prove that the Album can be heard in many scenarios
- a day on the beach, or, of course, for a great night out in a club. 

Whilst "Blue Meth" attains its uniqueness through its colour and almost total purity, what makes Township Rebellion stand out is their distinctive rhythmic harmony of vocals and synthie sounds. 

Their phatt, sometimes even electronically distorted basses, the exhibitionistic trebles and minimal, but impressive drum sections
get the mind and body grooving. 
Long and cleverly placed breaks give the tracks a certain aloofness and the number of drops increase the short but extremely
powerful arcs of suspense.

So as long as you haven't got someone working for the police or a mechanical rights society in the family, download,
consume and spread the word.

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